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How we are different
(The class legal advantage for over three decades).

We are a unique asset to the amateur "motorsport" community.  Through
continuous research and development starting in the 70's we have identified many
subtle techniques for improving how engines actually run, on the dyno and out on
the race course.  More important than the techniques, are the underlying principals
that we are constantly testing and improving that lead to a unique understanding of
how reliable power and performance can be produced from high quality engines.  

There are plenty of companies who advocate buying off the shelf parts and just
adding them for improvements.  What they have missed is that each racing engine
is unique, and as such each engine can produce more power while improving
reliability by optimizing the whole instead of just bolting on, off the shelf mass
produced parts and hoping that the performance will be improved and that
reliability will not suffer (too much).

Many self-proclaimed experts say, that what we do cannot be done.  I invite you to
put us to the test with an open mind; we do things differently (and that's why you
want to use our services isn't it?) so you have the advantage of more power when
you really need it, out on the race course and the reliability to use it often.


Pacific Performance Motorsports
Michael Stimson